A smart device for protecting your property against flooding and for monitoring your water consumption

  • It ensures nonstop protection 24 hours a day.
  • It detects unwanted leakage and closes the water main automatically.
  • It informs you about the closed water main.
  • It detects even small water leakages, so called first-running.
  • It enables a wide range of adjustment as per the individual user’s needs.
  • The option of device control via PC (via your Wi-Fi network).

Myslíte si, že se vás vyplavení netýká? Do you think that flooding cannot affect you?

This is a mistake – flooding is the most common cause of all property damage in households. Half population of the developed parts of Europe experienced it! All leaks can be prevented by the innovative Hydrostop “anti-flood valve”.

Myslíte si, že se vás vyplavení netýká? Half population of developed Europe has already suffered from flooding

A sudden leak can occur at anytime, anywhere and without warning! Most flooding happens when people are at work or when they are asleep at night, and they do not notice the water leakage in time.

Voda dokáže nadělat spoustu škody Water can cause serious damage

The damage caused by flooding reaches thousands EURO on average. It is common that several flats are flooded, or there is large-scale damage of family houses (destroyed floors, furniture, walls, bearing construction, insulation, problems with mildew, higher heating costs, drying, and more) where the damage can reach up to tens of thousands EURO!

Myslíte si, že se vás vyplavení netýká? One third of those affected do not get any compensation for damage

Stress and worries associated with cleaning the damage and the full value of your property and costs will not be compensated. Destroyed family photos or works of art cannot be restored, even if you have the best insurance.

Kde všude může k úniku vody dojít? Where else can a water leak occur?

Most leakage is associated with cracked flexible connecting pipes of WCs, water faucets, washing machines, dishwashers, or with a cracked fixed pipeline.

Myslíte si, že se vás vyplavení netýká? Two thirds of water leaks are caused by a cracked pipeline or pipes

The water flow rate through a cracked WC pipe is 600 - 1000 litres/hour! Small leaks are less frequent, but more dangerous; they are caused by unsealed pipelines. The water leak goes under the house or into its construction, and sometimes for the period of several months or even years. These leaks cause serious damage to the whole property. The resulting damage must be paid for by the owner, including the cost of the run-through water.

Why to choose Hydrostop?

Advantages of Hydrostop installation

Vyráběn a montován v České republice Manufactured and assembled in the Czech Republic
Komponenty prvotřídní kvality High-quality components
Rozpoznání cíleného odběru vody Identifying targeted water consumption
Poradentství a individuální přístup Consulting services and an individual approach
Ovládání zařízení pomocí počítače Device control via PC
Spolehlivá záruka a servis zařízení Reliable guarantee and device service

When can Hydrostop help?

Most frequent cases that can be prevented using Hydrostop

Leaks in water pipelines of a building

If there is a water leak caused by a cracked water pipeline in a building, serious damage of property or an unnoticed leak into the building structure can occur. In both cases, there is financial loss due to the water leak, but especially in terms of the damaged property. The Hydrostop anti-flood valve can detect this kind of leakage and closes the water main.

In the case of a cracked WC water inlet hose, there is an immediate leak directly to the building interior and subsequent damage of property. Hydrostop can detect the water leak and efficiently prevent the flooding damage.

In case of smaller leaks, which do not affect your property directly, there can be a water leak into the sewerage. It is common for households that the water can be running through the WC for the whole night. It can even go on for a few days or weeks in larger buildings. This situation often recurs during the course of the year. Then the water bill for the run-through water reaches thousands of EUR. Hydrostop is able to detect even smaller leaks such as the excessive run-through water in a WC and stops the leak promptly. There is a minimal financial loss.

These leaks are difficult to detect and can cause substantial water leakage, resulting in financial losses worth of thousands EURO. Cracked or unsealed garden hoses and flanges are typical for summer months, which can cause the leakage of a large amount of water for days or even weeks. Hydrostop can detect the small leaks and prevent the loss.

The relief valve outlet of water heaters is often installed directly into the drain. In case of valve leakage, the water leak can occur for a long time, and it is difficult to detect. When you get an enormous bill for water consumption there must be an investigation and subsequent detection of a hidden leak. Hydrostop can detect the leak in time and stop it.

In the best case scenario, as a result of the water faucet malfunction, there is a water leak into the drain. In the worst case scenario, there is a sudden pressure water leak directly into the interior of the building. Hydrostop detects such leaks.

The malfunction can be caused by a defective mechanical or electrical component of the appliance. Then there is continuous water refilling and a subsequent water leak into the interior of the building. Hydrostop can prevent such an accident in time.

Human negligence can happen anytime. Mainly children or visitors waste your water. A running faucet in the WC of a public building, falling asleep while filling the bathtub, forgetfulness when filling a garden tank or when watering, as well as many other similar leaks, can be caused by human negligence, tiredness or stress. Hydrostop prevents these kinds of leaks.

Where is Hydrostop suitable?

What types of property can it protect?
Family houses Family houses
Blocks of flats Blocks of flats
Commercial premises Commercial premises
Public buildings Public buildings

Hydrostop is suitable for most new buildings and older buildings. Ideally installed in technical rooms or basements. The system is dust and water resistant with degree of protection IP54. Larger commercial objects can also be protected with a single device, thanks to the use of unique functions such as fast recognition of targeted consumption, monitoring of minimum flows (drips), etc.

Hydrostop Installation

What does it consist of and how does it work?
  • Integrating water meter (for invoices)
  • Closing valve
  • Strainer
  • Electromagnetic closing valve
  • Impulse flow meter
  • Electronic control unit
  • Input for alarm connection, buttons, ...
  • Input for electric current of 230V/50Hz (120V/60Hz)
  • Bypass
  • It consists of an electric control unit, the impulse flow meter itself, and an electromagnetic closing valve.
  • It is installed into the water distribution, behind the strainer and the integrating water meter. It is recommended to create a bypass (see the illustration diagram). It can be placed in the water pipe shaft, the utility room, or in the area of the cellar. Or in another place of water distribution which is suitable for Hydrostop installation.
  • The Hydrostop control unit receives data from the impulse flow meter about the run-through water, and evaluates a potential excessive leak or a small first-running according to the set limits, and closes the water main. It can also detect the water consumption as targeted and does not take any action.

Examples of Installations from Our Clients

Environmentally friendly Example: a WC with excessive water consumption – common in households, commercial and public buildings
Leak with the flow rate of 0.066 litre/s = 4 l/1 min = 240 l/hr = 5.5 m3/24 hrs.
Length of leakage Price of leakage Water leak
day 18 EUR 5 500 l
week 126 EUR 38 500 l
month 504 EUR 154 000 l
year 6 042 EUR 1,85 mil. l
Do you think it is too much? Let’s reduce the flow rate to half = 0.033 l/s.
Length of leakage Price of leakage Water leak
day 9 EUR 2 750 l
week 63 EUR 19 250 l
month 252 EUR 77 000 l
year 3025 EUR 924 000 l
Still too much water? Let’s reduce it again to the flow rate of only 0.016 l/s
Length of leakage Price of leakage Water leak
day 5 EUR 1 375 l
week 32 EUR 9 625 l
month 126 EUR 38 500 l
year 1 511 EUR 462 000 l

Caution: 462,000 litres of leaked water from one “negligently” run-through WC represents the annual consumption of 5 households and the loss of 1 500 EUR.

The water price chosen for the calculation is 3,25 EUR/m3.

Installing Hydrostop can stop the mentioned leak! It has been developed for protection against long-term and sudden water leaks which cause serious damage to property, as well as to the environment. The unnecessary annual loss can reach millions of litres of potable water.


Protect your property from flooding and monitor water consumption.