Water Savers

You can save as much as 70% of your costs for water and its heating by a simple exchange of savers

Water Savers have the following impact on your household

  • You do not pay bills for excessive water consumption.
  • You save groundwater for times of need.
  • You save the water pump and electricity.
  • You save energy for water heating.
  • You save the boiler. More people can take a shower using the same amount of water.
  • You reduce emissions by about 15 % (= heating + water heating).
  • A smaller and cheaper retention basin is sufficient.
  • A solar panel of about one third or even a half smaller can be used for water heating.
  • A lower bill for water consumption results in lower sewer rates. You waste neither water nor energy.

1. Average Annual Saving of 288 EUR

The saving for a 4-member family household with the price of water of 3,25 EUR/m³ reaches 288 EUR per year. The return on the investment for buying the savers is approximately within the range of 1-3 months. And after that, all the extra money goes to your savings.

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2. Anti Calc Treatment

Lime scale sediments are deposited on a normal aerator (low-flow restrictor), gradually causing it to corrode and decay. Water disrupts the sieve within the period of 2 years. Then it is necessary to buy a new aerator. Moreover, a corroded aerator can contain dangerous bacteria and contaminate running water. The difference between a common aerator and the WATERSAVERS® aerator with anti calc treatment shows after 3 years of usage.

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3. Option of Flow Rate Adjustment

The standard saver is set to the flow rate of 6 l/min. The capacity of the flow rate can be adjusted to 4, 6, 8, 10, 12 or 14 l/min when needed. Thanks to the unique water aerating system, you do not notice that less water is running and the user’s comfort remains unchanged. The change in the flow rate is achieved by silicon rings which differ in colours and thicknesses. The rings are part of each device package.

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Advantages of water savers

Vyráběn a montován v České republice Patented and manufactured in the Czech Republic
Komponenty prvotřídní kvality 5-year warranty
and reliability
Možnost pořízení v provedení proti odcizení Anti-theft design option
Poradentství a individuální přístup Easy maintenance of savers
Ovládání zařízení pomocí počítače Simple flow rate adjustment
Spolehlivá záruka a servis zařízení Hygienic saver certificates

Where Can the Water Savers Be Applied?

The savers are suitable for water faucets, showers, and toilets


Presentation of flow rate measurement and real savings
Water faucets

Water running through the saver is reduced first, it is directed afterwards, and finally it is aerated. The water flows out of the saver only around the circumference. The user’s comfort is maintained with high water economy.


Water runs through a regulatory component in the saver with a few small holes, which serve as a set of reduction jets. This is how the water is sprayed and its flow is accelerated. It continues to the hose subsequently and a smaller amount flows out of the shower head.


WC STOP works as a weight which closes the toilet float more quickly. It is easy to regulate the amount of water which will be used for flushing. The full flush option is not limited.

How big is the lack of water in your country?
Myslíte si, že se vás vyplavení netýká?
It makes sense to save water Become a part of the solution!
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  • Over the past years many parts of the Europe has suffered from heat waves, low levels of precipitation and associated drought of soil, which affects most of the area. Drought causes serious damage to farming.
  • There have also been drops in groundwater reserves, which cannot be refilled during the winter. Currently, we have reached the lowest values ever. And the situation will not get better in the future.
  • Water reserves are steadily going down every year. Any saved litre of potable water helps prevent the reduction of ground water reserves and saves money for all of us.
  • Using the WATERSAVERS® economical aerators can significantly help reduce consumption, and thus protect the sources of potable water.
References How much can users of WATERSAVERS® save
Name of subject + address Monthly saving Annual saving Saving within 5-year guarantee Investment Return of investment in months
SŠ prof. Zdeňka Matějčka 17. listopadu 1123, Ostrava - Poruba 1 562 EUR 18 742 EUR 93 711 EUR 898 EUR 0,57
Domov mládáže a školní jídelna Lidická 50, Ostrava-Vítkovice 410 EUR 4 920 EUR 24 599 EUR 146 EUR 0,36
OA a VOŠS, p.o. Karasova 16, Ostrava-Mariánské Hory 496 EUR 5 949 EUR 29 745 EUR 1493 EUR 3,01
Základní škola Opava, Otická 18,p.o. Otická 18, 746 01 Opava 121 EUR 1 453 EUR 7 266 EUR 418 EUR 3,45
Gymnázium Ostrava - Zábřeh Volgogradská 6a, 700 30 Ostrava - Zábřeh 135 EUR 1 617 EUR 8 086 EUR 558 EUR 4,14
Domov jistoty Šunychelská 1157, 735 81 Bohumín 374 EUR 4 488 EUR 22 440 EUR 165 EUR 0,44
Okresní soud Bruntál Partyzánská 11, 792 01 Bruntál 124 EUR 1 483 EUR 7 415 EUR 326 EUR 2,64

Water Savers

Buy the water saver and save as much as 70%.