Your Household Protection

The unique Hydrostop installation ensures permanent protection of family houses, company buildings, and other premises. It prevents unwanted water leakage and flooding. It is suitable for new buildings, but for older houses as well.


Characteristics and advantages of Hydrostop

What can Hydrostop do and why buy it?

1. It protects

It protects your property nonstop against flooding.

2. It prevents

It detects hidden water leaks that you do not know about but that you pay for.

3. It communicates

It can communicate with your ESS (Electronic Security System).

4. It monitors

It records the water consumption in your premises and allows reporting the data.

5. It informs

It immediately informs you visually about closing the water main, and warns you acoustically.

6. It innovates

It can be controlled remotely by using Wi-Fi and its own original application for a PC.

Where is Hydrostop suitable?

What types of property can it protect?
Rodinné domy Family houses

Hydrostop is suitable for most new buildings or older houses. The ideal installation place is in the utility room, the water pipe shaft, or in the area of the cellar. It is dust and water resistant with the IP protection class of IP65. Just one installation is enough to protect a house.

Bytové domy Blocks of flats

Hydrostop can be placed in flats which have separate hot and cold water inlets. One installation is able to protect both of the inlets together and can be used for several flats at the same time. The most appropriate variety is to use an individual Hydrostop for each of the flats.

Komerční budovy Commercial premises

Even larger commercial buildings can be protected by just one installation. Special unique functions (e.g. resetting the run-through water amount to zero, or detecting the targeted consumption) significantly reduce the potential amount of water leakage in case of an accident.

Komerční budovy Public buildings

Installations into public buildings are similar to commercial premises. An additional installation of other Hydrostops is possible to increase the protection of individual archives, scientific workplaces, laboratories, or other premises.

Customer reviews What do our customers say about Hydrostop?